About Me

Hi! My name is Joshua and I am the founder of Joshua Surillo Production and Shot with a Rock blog.  My passion is cinematography, photography and all things production.

joshua surillo
Joshua Surillo

Born and bred in NY, I am the oldest of 11 siblings. My parents Ray and Marnie Surillo along with my aunt Lydia Withrow started the Rock Churches which was the  primary influence in my life. Church is the core of my life and therefore I consider myself a minister before anything else. I grew up doing church and its the family business. Jesus at the center!

As I grew up I developed a passion for cinema and it became an avenue to an outstanding career. I learned a lot  and help along the way so I developed a social site called Shot with a Rock to give back.  That still is not enough for me. We are now starting the Catalyst of Change Initiative which is a social movement aimed at creating effective, positive, political and global change.


For anyone new, we welcome you to the community! Whether you are here for business, to learn, or to help change the world we hope we can be a resource to help propel your vision and dreams!


Best wishes,



Joshua Surillo